Stepping back looking forward

The year 2015 has been hectic year to say the least and hence why we haven’t posted since then especially since  we were last here.  For us there have been a tremendous changes leading into 2016  but with a newly focused positive attitude.   This positive attitude allowed for a new direction for purely self motivational reasons.    Other reasons are simple as we get older it’s more about taking care of ourselves.

We have all been down that road of where to go and what to do especially if you know that your future employment hasn’t been lined up quite well.   Well for one of us it meant some serious deep thought thinking, when that dreaded question one can only ask yourself when you were in your teenage years.  “What do I want to do and where do I go from here now?”

We are sure there are many who remember those days.  So many many many many moons later and at the ripe old age of 45+ those questions and a few others have popped up more often than not, more so now than ever before.   The times have certainly changed – most definitely, need I say anymore on technology and entrapment of social media.

Honestly, we still haven’t found an answer but the journey simply won’t end with finding one either just moving forward.   We have simply learnt that by stepping out one’s of comfort zone plays a huge role in leading you somewhere you may have never thought possible.

So keep your dreams open, keep them alive, step back take a good look at it and follow through.




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